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Author: Pippa Rowles

Minet: Full day leadership workshop

Minet – co-ordinating and harnessing the power of a multi-location business

Minet is one of the biggest insurance providers across English speaking Africa with offices in 9 countries. This workshop brought together the leadership teams from each country office as well as the global leadership team to identify key strategic interventions that will drive each region, as well as the group, in the next year and beyond.

It was a full, busy day  which started by entrenching a mindset for growth, and then took a very practical approach through a workshop format, to setting country and global actions. The final step was to ensure ‘talk turns to walk’ and a robust discussion on the implementation process for these goals and actions, ensures the teams will be accountable, and deliver on the initiatives unearthed in the session.

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Business Battleplans: Southern African Roadshow

In October 2023 I presented and facilitated Business Battleplan workshops in Namibia and South Africa for established business owners looking to lock and load their businesses for 2024.

It was the first time Aurik Windhoek hosted an event and they filled the venue beyond capacity. 52 business owners representing N$3.9bn in annual revenues undertook the tough work of identifying the gaps in their businesses, and the actions they need to take to fill them. In Johannesburg, this is a more established event and this edition drew together 45 business owners representing R4.6bn in annual revenues to invest 3 hours working ON their businesses rather than  IN them.

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Navigating the Road to Retirement: Building a Lasting Legacy in Business

In the ever-changing landscape of business, where startups can skyrocket or vanish overnight, the journey from small business owner to industry veteran is nothing short of remarkable. What should you do when you’ve built a successful business over two, three, or four decades? Should you retire, or should you continue running the show until the end?

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Embracing Relentless Uncertainty: A Business Owner’s Guide to Thriving in Chaos

In the fast-paced and ever-changing landscape of today’s world, uncertainty has become an inevitable part of life, especially for businesses. The overwhelming influx of variables and challenges can leave even the most experienced entrepreneurs feeling stuck and unsure of their next move. However, there are tactics that can empower you to navigate through uncertainty, seize opportunities, and drive your business forward with confidence and vigor.

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