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Business Growth Specialist

Workshops & Seminars

Host & Presenter

Radio & Digital Content

Speaker, Author, Commentator

Business & Innovation Thoughtleader, Speaker, Author, Commentator

“Pavlo has a gift of listening carefully to many comments, opinions and problems and then succinctly summarising the main, important points from all of the noise. Often resulting in a perspective and learning opportunity others did not see” Christina Wrankmore

“Pavlo was entertaining, informative, motivational. Our team took valuable insight from our session.” Italtile

“The real life stories that you discussed in you presentation made the greatest impact on our members. The fact that other inventors and innovators that were able to transform their projects into viable sustainable enterprises encouraged our members.  Your talk provided a much needed reality check on the  challenging business aspects of building an innovative enterprise.” R. Moodley CEO Institute of Inventors and Innovators

“Pavlo engaged the audience on a personal level and challenged them to break free from their mental limitations and to believe in themselves to achieve greater heights”  Business Partners seminar

“The content of his speech was informative and thought provoking.  Pavlo is a relaxed and confident speaker.” Product One

Why Pavlo?

A prolific content creator whose empathy for business ownership and masterful storytelling underpin action based, practical insights that inspire and impact on businesses, daily.

Empathy through experience

25 years of direct experience in building businesses across four continents. Started, built, sold 12 businesses. Current CEO of a global business

He walks the talk

Developed business assets in excess of $450m through business start-ups, turnarounds, sales and acquisitions

Versatile and multiplatform

A speaker, author, broadcaster, vlogger, panelist, host and MC

Experienced & accomplished

Authored 2 books, conceptualised media offerings running for 10 seasons, hosted TV and digital shows, roundtables and panels

Content from the coalface

Worked with over 3,000 businesses across all sectors of the economy providing him with a cross-continent and sectorial view

Practical & actionable

Offers content that is topical, insightful and practical that can be applied by any audience

Tailored & customised

Invests deeply in understanding the audience and crafting content that addresses their needs and wants

Entertaining & engaging

Confident, comfortable style and pacy delivery. Storytelling to deliver and drive home his messages. Direct audience interaction, humour and heart

Inspiring & motivational

His audiences walk out feeling able, capable, and ready to act

Nothing is more powerful than leaving people with the idea that they can create their own futures and make a difference

Let’s work together

Pavlo’s content is meaningful & memorable leaving audiences inspired, thoughtful and highly motivated

Keynote speaker

A passionate, animated speaker; Pavlo’s talks are driven through dramatised storytelling gleaned from direct experience of having worked and engaged with hundreds of entrepreneurs, allowing the content to resonate on a very human level.


Working with you, Pavlo will build and deliver workshops and seminars to solve for business growth, innovation, strategy across your franchise or team.  ​ The seminars are interactive, practical and can be delivered in person on online.


Well-designed and managed competitions and campaigns build the ideas, opportunities and understanding of entrepreneurship. They also build databases of warm leads for a sponsor and compelling content that attracts a business audience for media platforms & advertisers.


Authoritative and entertaining, Pavlo’s ability to communicate the complex business of business, simply, makes him a sought after presenter and commentator on TV, radio and digital platforms.


A prolific and diligent writer, Pavlo’s articles combine his hallmark storytelling with a pragmatic approach

Thought leadership

His extensive, personal experience, access to business owners across the globe and ability to communicate clearly make Pavlo a regular on panels and in media for commentary on business issues .

“Your message really resonated with the audience, and I can’t tell you how many times we heard ‘and as Pavlo said’ during the Business Plan presentations that followed your talk” Rory Scanes, National Sales Manager, Novartis

“Pavlo lifted the event to another level. Guests felt their time had been well spent and came away with value” HP

“Thank you sooooo much for the inspiration and revival. I was getting into a state of despair and giving up, but after this webinar I’m refreshed and HIGHLY MOTIVATED!” Cordelia Mgidi, MD Modotech

“I am not a natural born entrepreneur and find myself in a space where I have to face and manage my own shortcomings daily to overcome certain challenges.  Thank you for the role you play in the lives of small to medium size businesses.  It is always great to listen to you.” Johan Smal, business founder