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Author: Pippa Rowles


A framework to boost performance and secure Intellectual Property

Gain insights into both growing and protecting your business from 2 experts in their fields: Pavlo Phitidis,

Aurik founder and business growth specialist:  Build a framework to drive performance

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A vision for you, and your business

This Week@Work if you want to grow, you need a vision for yourself, and for the business. The two need to match and marry but the vision for the business should transcend your lifetime to inspire your team, and ensure the longevity of the business.

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Aurik Business Blueprint Workshop,

London 25 June 2024

Gain perspectives, insights, actions and connections with growth-minded business owners while you build an actionable CEO business blueprint to scale, grow and secure the value of your business as you walk out of the door.

For 20 years, Aurik has partnered with over 3 500 businesses to deliver average annual growth rates of 28.9% and average EBIDTA growth of 32.4%

Join us on 25 June 2024  to meet, greet, engage and emerge with insights, strategies, tactics and approaches to tackling the biggest impediments to business growth and value.

Facilitated by Pavlo Phitidis, he will challenge you on your business, and inspire you with real stories of business owners like yourself, who are getting it right.

Date: 25 June 2024 
Time: 8am for 8.30am start, to midday
Venue: Wilson Wright, 5 Fleet Pl, London EC4M 7RD

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Successful Succession

This Week@Work: An aging Baby Boomer generation will start looking to exit their businesses in the near future, creating a scenario where there are more sellers than 3rd party buyers. The alternative, transferring ownership to the next generation requires careful structuring and planning, which needs to start now.

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Different design for different growth stage

This Week@Work there are fundamental differences in the design and structure of a business when it starts, to when it needs to ramp up growth, and to when it is ready to scale for next level growth. As the business owner you have to lead these changes, while still running the business.

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