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Tag: Leadership

This Week@Work: Growth needs to be led, ideally by you

This Week@Work, I presented a series of workshops with business owners looking for scale and growth, of course! One of the big discussion points was who should lead that growth. As the business owner you’re the biggest investor in your business and growth inherently carries risk. You need to be the one driving growth as you have everything to lose or gain from it.

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This Week@Work: How focussing your attention in the engine room can devalue your business

This is a cautionary tale about where to focus when times get tough. It’s a story of a business owner who had built a phenomenally successful business, and even had a £9.8M offer on the table 4 years ago! Now, this business has shrunk in clients, revenue, staff, and has virtually no value for a buyer today.

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This Week@Work: The 4 types and stages of business growth

What does the majestic home in the background of this week’s video, that belonged to ink tycoon, Inky Stephens, have to do with business growth?

Watch to gain insights into the 4 types of growth that need to be put in place to build and lock the value in your business, and a suggestion on what to do beyond that, to secure your legacy.

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