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Tag: Specialisation

This Week@Work – Unconscious Competence

This Week@Work I met with a business owner whose growth is being hindered by his unconscious competence –  he’s mastered what he does to the point where he gets things done without thinking. It may seem like an advantage, but it can also lead to complacency.

Watch as I discuss this ‘blind spot’ which affects many of us in our businesses.

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This Week@Work: Specialisation alone is not enough to scale, grow and secure a successful business exit.

This week at work, I met with a group of brilliant engineers who undoubtedly offer a highly specialized solution. It’s something no one else can do at this stage and they believe that is enough to drive their growth. It made me ask whether these engineers are building a business, or if they are just creating a job for themselves. The difference is profound.

Watch as I address what’s missing if all you have is a brilliant product or service.

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