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Tag: Failure As Learning

The People Formula

A business cannot scale and grow without the right team, but getting the people formula right is one of the biggest challenges for business owners across everywhere. Could business systems be the key to unlock your people’s potential?

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Should a CEO still be selling?

In the early stages of the business, as the founder you have to drive sales to build momentum. But so long as you stay involved in sales, the business remains dependent on you, and that’s a problem if you ever intend to exit.

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1 Big Bold Goal

A combination of global elections and AI will rob you of your time and attention if we allow it. Instead, use it to set one big, bold goal and get your teams time and attention on it. Your competitors won’t as they contemplate election outcomes. When they refocus on growth, they’ll be following your tail.

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How to set your growth target

This Week@Work; What is the right growth rate for your business? To start with, you have to grow at a rate that outstrips various factors that constantly erode your business value, above that it depends on your ambition, and goals.

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Sales needs a system

This Week@Work scaling growth through funding raised a bunch of questions that we should all have answers to. I loved the conversation with you Master Artisan Sourdough Baker Barry Cork and Rick Hooper… and will follow the breadcrumb trails of your certain success.

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