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A vision for you, and your business

This Week@Work if you want to grow, you need a vision for yourself, and for the business. The two need to match and marry but the vision for the business should transcend your lifetime to inspire your team, and ensure the longevity of the business.

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Successful Succession

This Week@Work: An aging Baby Boomer generation will start looking to exit their businesses in the near future, creating a scenario where there are more sellers than 3rd party buyers. The alternative, transferring ownership to the next generation requires careful structuring and planning, which needs to start now.

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Different design for different growth stage

This Week@Work there are fundamental differences in the design and structure of a business when it starts, to when it needs to ramp up growth, and to when it is ready to scale for next level growth. As the business owner you have to lead these changes, while still running the business.

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Acquisitions: 3 Red flags

This Week@Work acquisitions can be a brilliant way to ramp up your business fast, but they are never as simple as they seem. You need to go in with your eyes wide open, especially regarding three key issues: Cost, culture and compatibility.

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Your product is not your business

This week@work, what product or service in today’s competitive environment is not commoditised? Your product does not, cannot & will not set you apart. Rather its creating a unique client experience in how you market, sell, fulfil and retain the customer segments you serve.

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The People Formula

A business cannot scale and grow without the right team, but getting the people formula right is one of the biggest challenges for business owners across everywhere. Could business systems be the key to unlock your people’s potential?

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Should a CEO still be selling?

In the early stages of the business, as the founder you have to drive sales to build momentum. But so long as you stay involved in sales, the business remains dependent on you, and that’s a problem if you ever intend to exit.

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